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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Inverted Nipples Causes, Medication And Solution

An inverted nipple (occasionally invaginated nipple) is a nipple that, instead of pointing outward, is retracted into the breast.In some cases, the nipple will be temporarily protruded if stimulated, but in others, the inversion remains regardless of stimulus. Women and men can have inverted nipples.

Inverted nipples , Flat or inverted nipples are fairly common, since anywhere from ten to twenty percent of all women have them. They do not pose any health risk, although they may be.

Inverted Nipples Surgery and Solution

An Inverted nipple surgery can repair problems, such as improving the appearance and restoring the function of the nipple. A number of women have troubling with an inverted nipple. An inverted nipple can actually cause problems for women who want to breast-feed and Aside from body image concerns.

Inverted nipple surgery is a fairly simple procedure. A small incision is made in the areola, after anesthesia is applied. This gives perfect repair and sculpting of the tissue. Nipple inversion is of three degrees and the amount of tissue that needs to be manipulated varies depending on the grade. With basic suturing to repair the incision and hold the nipple in place as it heals and Inverted nipple repair finishes in as short as 30 minutes or as long as a couple of hours.

Inverted nipple repair is in one to two weeks. You will want to prepare a comfortable place to get a lot of rest in due to the effects of anesthesia will likely leave you weak.

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