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Friday, October 23, 2009

Root Canal Treatment Symptoms, Treatment , Medicines

What is Root Canal Treatment ?

Within dentistry, a root canal treatment is referred to as endodontic therapy. Behind this clinical term hides the treatment of an injured tooth, which may have already fallen victim to a bacterial infection. During the treatment the infection is eradicated, the interior of the tooth is removed and replaced with an artificial substance and finally the opening is capped to prevent further bacteria from invading. After the root canal treatment is finished, the tooth remains in place but is no longer “alive.”

A root canal treatment is sometimes an hour-long procedure that involves making a small hole in the tooth, cleaning out the soft tissue inside the tooth along with the infected nerve and sealing the tooth. After the operation, the tooth is, however, dead and you will never feel any sensation in that tooth again. The procedure begins with an injection of local anesthetic – possibly the only pain that you should feel during the operation. The dentist will then strategically drill holes in the teeth. The next step is to remove the soft tissue and nerves, both of which constitute the dental pulp. The pulp is removed using an instrument called a file, this resembles a thin screw and that is rotated until the dental pulp comes out along with the screw. This can last for several minutes as the dental pulp is removed. Finally, the wound is filled with calcium hydroxide paste and sealed with dental cement.

Tooth Nerve Pain Relief

Over the course of the next few sessions, the dentist will fill the now empty tooth with a rubber-like substance called gutta percha and permanently seal the tooth. Cosmetic surgery can follow shortly after this to rebuild the tooth. Most remedies for a painful tooth require the use of dried cloves that should be chewed on or a mouthwash using clove oil. Care should be taken to moderate the amount of clove swallowed, as clove can cause hyperacidity.

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