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Can a therapist write a letter psychiatric service dog?

According to reports, 1 in every 4 American adults is suffering from diagnosable mental disorders. The numbers are rising at a shocking speed and revealing the fact that how common mental illness has become for Americans. People who are at the severe subset of disorders like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia are often seen living with trained pets. These furry friends support their owners for different tasks in their day to day life. Many patients dealing with mental illness describe their relationship with a psychiatric service dog as positive and working. However, the therapeutic benefits may get affected due to discrimination. To own a service dog and to let them accompany you whenever you go, you need a psychiatric dog service letter.

What is a psychiatric service dog letter?

If you have any kind of psychiatric disability and you own a pet for emotional support, then you need to have a permission letter granted by a licensed healthcare professional to let the four legged companion assist you in your major life tasks. To put it simply, a ‘service dog letter’ is your entry pass to areas where your pet might get discriminated against due to several federal laws and state laws.

Federally protected rights for psychiatric service dogs

Pet owners suffering from mental disabilities apply for psychiatric dog service letter to gain rights for multiple things, such as:

  • Service dog owners can take their pets to public places where usually pets are not allowed, like restaurants, malls, buses, taxis, medical offices, trains, planes, parks, beaches etc.
  • Dogs can fly in the cabin with their owners in a USA-based airline without paying a pet fee.
  • Housing rights and workplace accommodation rights without discrimination based on pet policies.
  • Dog owners may not feel separated by public entities due to their service dogs and may not get charged for any pet fee either.

Who writes the psychiatric service dog letter?

As mentioned earlier, the service letter confirms that an individual is dealing with a mental disability and need a pet to accompany on their life tasks. For federally protected rights, it is important that the letter is given by a licensed mental healthcare professional. It can be written by a psychiatrist, a therapist, neurologist, nurse practitioner etc. To get the letter, you need to make an appointment for the diagnosis of your mental disability. Once the assessment is complete they can offer you a service letter to access the federally protected rights of accommodation, flying and entering a public place without facing discrimination.

  • You won’t be paying any unfair pet deposits.
  • There won’t be any unfair airline fees.
  • There won’t be any restrictions based on the breed and size of your pet.

A letter of support can be extremely helpful for finding accommodation. If you are a busy individual and dealing with lots of hardships lately, you can also find an online agency that can get the letter for you.

There are many reputed services working online these days. All they do is, set up your appointment with a mental healthcare professional. Once the initial screening is done, they can write a letter for you. The online agencies can get your letter delivered within three to four business days. In case you have an urgent flight to catch, getting help from an online agency for a psychiatric dog service letter is a smart and timesaving way to ease the anxiety.

How to qualify for the letter?

To qualify for the psychiatric service dog letter you need a prescription from a licensed provider who specializes in mental healthcare. Alternatively, you can get online assistance from a trusted agency to follow the four simple steps and get a letter.

Step one: To check if your qualify for the support letter, find an online service and fill up their screening questionnaire. It is an online assessment that hardly takes more than five minutes. The result of this assessment will help you find out if you qualify or not.

Step two: At the next step, you get to choose the type of letter you want from the options of travel, housing or both.

Step three: At this step, one of their licensed mental healthcare professionals will contact you. On the chat, they will diagnose your disability and discuss why you need a support letter.

Step four: The last step is where the letter is shipped to you within 48 hours after your chat with the healthcare professional.

Have further questions?

In order to live peacefully in no pet housing or to fly without paying an unfair airline fees, it is important that you get the psychiatric service dog letter. It makes your life manageable and stress free. A quick and easy way is to get the letter through the online process. Find a trusted online company and speak to them from the comfort of your home. To know more about the qualification or screening process, you can visit the link below.

If there is any medical expert who is helping everyone in treating their disability can write a service dog letter. And that medical experts could be any of them.

  • Psychiatrist
  • Therapist
  • social worker
  • general practitioner
  • Neurologist
  • Nurse, etc




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