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What Are Tips To Keep Clear Aligners Clean?

Invisalign or clear aligners are transparent trays designed to align your teeth straight. They work the same as braces, but they work faster and are easy to install and place. Invisalign offers many benefits to the patient, as it is removable, people can eat whatever they wish, and they are invisible, so nobody will notice that you are wearing clear correct aligners.


Aligners put a slight pressure on the teeth to move them to their original position. You don’t have to worry about wires and sharp edges like braces. These aligners are custom-made for each patient through a digital scan. The dentist takes the mold of the teeth and then sends them to the lab for creation. You may need approximately 25-40 sets to complete the alignment process.

How to take care of your clear aligners?

Here are some suggestions to take care of your clear aligners. They are easy and comfortable to wear but need proper maintenance. Consult with your dentist near me houston, to know more about clear aligners.

● Take them out whenever and whatever you eat.

If you are wearing aligners, make sure you remove them when eating meals or snacks. When you got the option to remove them and eat, then why not do it? Removing your aligners keeps them clean; no food particles can stick or get trapped. Some food particles can cause stains on your aligners and can reduce the effectiveness of your aligners. Foods can also scratch your new aligners and make them appear faded.

So, remember to remove your aligners when drinking anything with a dark pigment, like coffee, tea, or dark fruit drinks, or when eating your meals.

● Rinse your aligners daily.

When you remove your aligners when you eat or drink something, it is time that you should clean them. Rinse them with cool water and splash them in a bottle to remove the trapped plaque. They will look clean and hygienic. Rinsing them helps to wash off the plaque from the invisalign. Food particles trapped in it can make your beautiful smile unattractive.

● Use the case

Make sure that you keep them in the case when you remove them; also, you need to learn that wearing clear aligners near me for 20 to 22 hours daily is effective, or it may not give the desired results.

But you take them out before eating; keeping them in your Invislaign case is necessary. You may keep them in your purse or your pocket, but all it means is that you are damaging or scratching them. Keep the aligner case with you safely in it to keep their germs and scratch-free. Also, wash them before you again align them in your mouth after taking them out.

● Keep them out of the heat.

Your aligners are made of plastic “space-age,” but can be damaged if kept near heat or fire, and their structure can be destroyed if kept near the heat or hot temperatures. Keep clear aligners invisalign safe in the case.

In Conclusion:

The best advantage of clear aligners is that they are easy to remove and fit perfectly to your teeth, so no speech problems or other food restrictions exist. Remove them and eat whatever you wish to eat. A clear aligner is a good choice for getting beautiful, straight teeth. Book an appointment online today with cosmetic dentistry in houston texas.


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