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What Did You Need to Know About About Underbite?

A smile is the first thing people notice in you. It will reflect your personality and confidence if you feel good about your smile and brighten your teeth. However, many people are worried about their smile and look due to dental issues. One such issue is an underbite. This is a severe condition that may affect you physically and mentally; if you have an underbite, visit a pediatric dentist in Miami to prevent further damage to your teeth.

What is an Underbite?

An underbite is a dental issue when your lower teeth surface does not sit on the upper teeth. This condition is called malocclusion, and this can cause pain and discomfort. People become conscious due to underbite conditions and become less confident and worried.

Some cases of Underbite are mild, and even no one can notice them, while others are quite severe where the lower part extends forward. It is more than cosmetic issues because severe cases require extensive treatment, and they may cause oral health problems like:

  • Pain in mouth and face due to jaw misalignment
  • Difficulty in biting and chewing
  • Challenges with speaking

What Causes Underbite?

Several factors can lead to an underbite issue. Here are the causes of Underbite:

  • Bad Childhood Habits
  • Genetics
  • Injury and Tumor
  • Due to hard eating and chewing
  • It may be caused due to halitosis and bacterial infections.
  • Chronic mouth breathing condition
  • Speech Issues
  • Sleep apnea and snoring
  • Large tooth decay due to wear of tooth enamel
  • You should stop kids from thumb-sucking. These childhood habits may increase the chance of developing an underbite.
  • In some cases, an underbite is inherited; if one person has an underbite in her family, you are more likely to get it because genetics plays a significant role in deciding a person’s jaw and tooth.
  • Any permanent injury and damage to the jawbone may repair but may not fit together correctly after being surgically realigned.
  • Suppose you have a tumor in your mouth or th jawbone. This results in an underbite.

How to Correct Underbite?

Several underbite treatment methods can correct an underbite problem. Moreover, underbite braces or clear aligners can correct milder cases, and sometimes orthodontists North Miami may recommend surgery to help underbite condition.

Upper Jaw Expander

This is a wire-framed device that your dentist applies across the palate. Every night you have to wear it with a key to expand your jaw a little. This process gradually causes the upper jaw to widen until the lower Underbite is no longer.

Reverse-Pull Face Mask

This is another alternative for young patients and looks like braces or headgear. It wraps around your child’s head, pulls the upper jaw back to the right position, and uses metal bands to pull the upper back teeth faster.

Ths problem associated with an underbite can range from mild to severe depending on the degree of the Underbite. Moreover, the compilation can affect you both mentally and physically.


If you’re suffering from Underbite, you should consider visiting an orthodontist Miami beach because not only do they help you with cosmetic problems but also with severe bite problems.



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