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How Do Tongue Cribs Help In Treating Tongue Thrust?

A custom orthodontic appliance used to help combat habits like tongue thrusting or thumb sucking is known as a tongue crib. Whenever an oral health professional determines that a child needs a tongue crib, they will provide you with one. To help you solve the issue you could consult an orthodontist nearby.

At the back of the mouth, the tongue crib will remain permanently attached by two bands(rings) installed around the molars.  Behind the front teeth, the rings connect to a small cage or gate that commonly sits. This gate will help:

  1. It will prevent the tongue from protruding and pushing against the teeth.
  2. You have to remind the child not to place their thumb in their mouth.
  3. When swallowing, help the child to keep their tongue back.

What does it treat?

A braces tongue crib guides the tongue’s movements and can discourage thumb and finger sucking. Finger sucking and thumb can cause tongue thrust but you do not have to suck on your fingers or thumb to develop that condition.

In the mouth, finger or thumb sucking and tongue thrusting behaviors can create problems including:

  • .It can cause damage to a child’s front teeth
  • Developing an overbite or open bite and alteration to a child’s bite
  • Abnormal swallowing technique
  • Jaw alignment problems
  • An alteration in speech patterns
  • Low-risk behavior

But when a child grows, this behavior, as well as tongue thrusting can be concerning. It can affect:

  1. Adult teeth of a child
  2. Skeletal development of a child
  3. Alignment of jaw
  4. Speech

Are tongue cribs removable?

Tongue crib orthodontics can be either removable or not removable. This will depend on several factors. To put them on or remove them, an orthodontist may add a tongue crib to your child’s removable retainers but they may also be permanent appliances requiring specialized tools. About the most efficient type for your child, make sure to consult with the orthodontist.

If you suspect your child may not commit to using the appliance as much as they need out of their own initiative, you may consider using a permanent one. Because the patients do not follow professional recommendations, keep in mind that some cases remain unsolved. You could ask the orthodontist for the removable alternative, if you believe your child will follow all directions, remember to wear their tongue cribs, and not lose them.

Guiding your child through the correct use of the tongue crib appliance, maintaining good oral hygiene during treatment, and joining them during the therapy exercises in-office or at home is the critical part. If the appliance is removable or not it won’t matter much if you help your child throughout the entire process. Until they overcome their tongue thrust, they will feel comfortable and encouraged to progress on their own.

What are the tips to ensure successful tongue crib treatment?

Not all corrections of tongue thrust are successful. To ensure a higher probability of success, a patient’s commitment to the treatment can significantly help. We have some tips for those that will be needing a tongue crib:

  • Always remind the patient to keep their tongue behind the gate
  • While wearing the tongue crib avoid any hard, sticky foods
  • Every day ensures oral hygiene and cleanliness of the tongue crib.


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