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How Effective Is Laser Treatment For Varicose Veins?

Numerous people suffering from severe varicose veins require immediate visits to a vein specialist. Few patients don’t understand “What kind of specialist treats varicose veins?” for them here’s a simple answer. A vein specialist is a doctor that treats varicose and spider veins with the help of laser treatment. Serious varicose veins required laser treatment as they cannot be treated at home like spider veins. If you are someone suffering from varicose veins and thinking of getting laser treatment for the removal of vein disorder then make sure to read this article as we have mentioned every ounce of information related to varicose vein laser treatment. Laser treatment has become the safest and most effective treatment for treating varicose veins over the past 20 to 25 years.

What exactly are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are those veins that are enlarged and twisted. These veins generally appear on the legs due to blockage of blood circulation. Standing and sitting for hours, hormonal changes, pregnancy can build pressure in the veins of your lower body and cause the development of varicose veins.

How safe is laser vein removal?

We have found from studies that laser therapy is the most effective and safest treatment for varicose veins that offers zero discomforts with no downtime. Getting laser treatment will be the best option for treating veins as it offers health benefits curing varicose and spider veins by veins specialists.

What are the risks of varicose vein surgery?

We have mentioned some risks involved in laser varicose vein treatment mentioned below:

  • Infection
  • Pain in veins
  • Bleeding
  • Nerve damage.
  • Redness or swollen gums
  • Blood clots.
  • Discoloration of skin

Do Spider Veins Come Back After Laser Treatment?

Laser treatment is effective but varicose veins can grow after some time even after the removal of veins. The cause of regeneration of varicose veins is a failure in laser treatment that fails in sealing a vein completely.

What is the other beneficial treatment available for varicose veins?

We have mentioned some other effective treatments for the removal of varicose and spider veins with the help of vein specialists below. Do make sure to read these effective treatments carefully and ask about each treatment to your vein surgeon.

  • Sclerotherapy
  • Foam sclerotherapy of large veins
  • Laser treatment
  • Radiofrequency or laser energy
  • Endoscopic vein surgery.

What happens if varicose veins are left untreated?

Many people don’t understand and left varicose and spider veins untreated which is not good for overall health. Leaving varicose and spider veins for longer than one or two years can cause severe health complications and it can also increase the swelling and pain in your legs. If you are thinking “Is it worth getting varicose veins removed?” Then you should know it is recommended by the top-rated veins specialist to get a laser vein removal as soon as possible for avoiding further health complications.

The Takeaways!

We hope you liked this article and now you have a great piece of knowledge about varicose vein laser treatment. If you want to know more about varicose veins and their treatment then make sure to visit our website.


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