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How spider veins are treated?

Spider veins, sometimes also known as superficial leg veins. They occur when the smaller veins assemble below the surface of the skin, causing red, blue, or purple blemishes. These veins got their name from the shape of the blemishes.

Some of the cases are very small, others are noticeable, they make people feel self-conscious, but they are non-dangerous and the treatment is done only for cosmetic purposes.

Usually, these spider veins are on thighs, calves, or ankles. They are typically visible on the face too. They are ordinary in women than men.

They increase with the increase in age. It could be hereditary or related to pregnancy, use of birth control pills, or weight gain. Approximate of 30% to 60% of adults have spider veins.

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Causes –

Spider veins can be caused by several factors:

  • Heredity
  • Occupations which involve a lot of standing.
  • Obesity
  • Hormonal changes in pregnancy, puberty, or menopause.
  • Usage of birth control pills.
  • Hormonal replacement before menopause.
  • History of blood clots.
  • Conditions that cause increased pressure in the abdomen, such as constipation.
  • Trauma or injury to the skin.
  • Previous vein surgery
  • Exposure to ultraviolet rays.

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Other treatments for spider veins.

  1. Taking care of yourself, and certain changes in the lifestyle can help you prevent spider veins. But if you still require consultation find out, vein doctor San Diego and following a few requirements such as exercising, losing weight, not wearing tight body-fitted clothes, raising your legs, and also avoiding a long time of standing and sitting will also lessen the pain and battle spider veins to get worsened.
  1. Sclerotherapy – in this procedure the doctor will inject small and medium-sized spider veins with a solution that could close the damaged veins. In some time, the spider veins on which the procedure took place would fade. Also, a single vein could have to be treated several times, and the injecting process has to be performed more than once, this therapy is quite effective if performed perfectly. The therapy does not require any type of anesthesia and could be easily performed in the doctor’s office.

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  1. Laser treatment – A doctor can use the laser treatment to medicate spider veins that are tiny than 3 millimeters and near to the skin. The laser treatment is a process in which the powerful, concentrated beam of light causes the spider vein to clot and dry up.
  2. Surgery – even though surgical treatments are been more effective for larger spider veins, doctors commonly do not perform them on smaller spider veins.
  3. Compression socks – Wearing the compression stockings or socks positions pressure on the damaged veins in the legs. This pressure helps to enhance the blood flow and prevent further spider veins. Compression stockings also help in giving relief to leg swelling and lowering the chances of blood clots in the legs.

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Spider veins are caused by damaged veins or burst blood vessels. They do not cause any health problems and are painless. Only those people who are conscious about the appearance get it treated.

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