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How To Select The Right Vein Specialist?

What doctor treats varicose veins? Vascular surgeons, vein specialists, and phlebologists are the three leading medical professionals treating veins. While each can treat veins, choosing the best doctor requires understanding their areas of expertise.

  • Phlebologists can obtain certification following a 3-day training program. Even though some students might succeed in getting a board certification, this 3-day course is very different from an actual board certification and is not an AMBS-certified specialty.
  • Vein specialists. A vein specialist is a doctor who specializes in treating varicose veins and the condition that causes them, venous insufficiency. Ideal endovenous procedure training for your vein doctor should have occurred during residency and fellowship training.
  • Vascular surgeons. What kind of doctor specializes in veins? Vascular surgeons are the most experienced specialists in treating vein and vascular problems, including arterial and venous illnesses. Vascular surgeons finish 5-7 years of residency training after medical school and a further two years of fellowship training.

Know your treatment options

The sorts of physicians and offered therapies vary among vein clinics. Unnecessary care given to patients for the benefit of the practice rather than the patient is regrettably more widespread than ever. There are now more clinics than ever because of the large number of people seeking vein therapy and treatments. Due to the individual nature of each patient, each individual’s care should be unique. It’s wise to seek a second opinion before proceeding if a vein clinic uses the required criteria to categorize your treatment.

What are the advantages of vascular surgeons?

Vascular surgeon benefits:

  • Board-certified vascular doctors who have completed rigorous vascular medicine residency and fellowship training
  • Due to their extensive training, they are best prepared to address both basic and severe vein disease and can offer comprehensive pre-and post-operative care.
  • Continue to have access to hospitals for vascular medicine.

What do phlebologists do?

  • Phlebology specialists become board certified by passing a simple exam rather than completing a lengthy residency training program.
  • Doctors specializing in phlebology cannot offer comprehensive post-operative therapy, especially for any risks that might arise directly from the surgery.
  • Phlebology practitioners are restricted to the aesthetic treatment of varicose veins and cannot treat vascular disease as a specialty.
  • Doctors of phlebology are not exceptionally trained to manage the surgical and medicinal care of patients with blood vessel problems. They receive specialized vein training through brief “Professional Development” courses and weekend workshops.


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