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New Fast Acting Fiasp Insulin Approved for USA

Fiasp, the latest release of insulin from Novo Nordisk, has been approved by the FDA for sale in the United States, making it the first-ever fast-acting insulin to be available in both FlexTouch and pen delivery options. Fiasp flextouch is designed to provide an ultra-fast onset of action and provide the same long duration of effect as longer-acting insulins, such as NovoLog FlexPen and NovoLog FlexTouch, which have been available in the US since 2002 and 2010 respectively…

What Is Fiasp?

A newer form of insulin is on its way to pharmacies in 2018. The new fast-acting insulin called Fiasp, has been approved by European regulators. This ultra-fast acting insulin will replace regular fast acting insulin and will work up to three times faster than rapid acting insulins available today. This could be a game changer for diabetic patients who want better control over their glucose levels in addition to having higher fasting levels as well.

How Does it Work?

Novo Nordisk’s new fast-acting insulin, fiasp (frequent-assisting rapid-acting insulin), may be used as a mealtime insulin. The small studies that have been done so far show that it is effective at lowering glucose levels and works fast. For example, in a recent study comparing fiasp to NovoRapid, participants took one unit of either drug before each meal. After eating, blood glucose levels decreased by approximately 20 mg/dL after 45 minutes in those who took fiasp flextouch while they only dropped 8 mg/dL after 45 minutes among those taking NovoRapid.

Benefits of Fiasp

Due to high demand, you may need to wait a while before getting your hands on Fiasp flextouch insulin. An increasing number of Type 2 diabetics have been diagnosed and are looking for alternatives to their daily regimen. Many Americans go years without knowing they have diabetes and end up with unmanageable blood sugar levels when they finally do go get tested. But that’s changing, in part because of increased screening programs at doctors’ offices and pharmacies across America. These screenings are helping people manage their blood sugar before it gets out of control and can lead to devastating long-term effects like blindness, nerve damage, kidney failure or heart disease.

Tips on How to Take It

First, check with your doctor to make sure you can take it. Next, take your usual dose of long-acting insulin (basal) just before going to bed. And lastly, give yourself a shot of fast-acting insulin 15 minutes before eating something you’ve determined to be a high carb meal/snack in relation to how much insulin you took. For example: if you plan on eating an extra-large pizza tomorrow night, shoot some rapid insulin before going out to dinner at 5:00 pm. It may sound confusing or like a lot of work, but after doing it twice or three times and tracking blood sugar readings, it will start making sense. One thing is certain: You won’t know what works best until trying different methods!

Where Can I Buy This Medication?

If you’re interested in adding fast-acting insulin to your diabetes treatment plan, you have a few options. In addition to taking care of any pre-approval requirements with your insurance provider, you can also check out your local pharmacy. Ask your doctor what medication is best for you, and then talk to a pharmacy representative about costs and delivery times. You might find it cheaper or more convenient than going through insurance.


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