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What Are Effective Aftercare Tips Should Keep in Mind For Teeth Whitening

Once treatment of professional teeth whitening near me gets completed, everyone wants to keep their teeth shiny, pearly and stain-free all the time, but it is not possible if you have bad habits. Follow-up with the dentists is a good idea after the teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening treatment is an optimum solution for a complete smile makeover, and it improves the overall appearance of your mouth and personality.

If you want to keep your teeth shiny and pearly forever, you must strictly follow the tips below:- 

Avoid Eating Citric Foods and Caffeine 

Our morning starts with coffee or tea, which is essential to start our day. But have you ever imagined how affecting your teeth? These are common drinks that stain your teeth badly.


What Not To Eat?

You should avoid food that contains acidic acids, such as coffee, red wine, fruit juices, beer, soya sauce, cured meats,  etc.


What To Eat?

Consume only light or white foods and non-acidic that have less chance of staining. You can consume milk.

Once the 48- hours are passed, supplement these food items with light-coloured foods such as apples and bananas and acid-neutralizing vegetables such as carrots, green beans and celery. Dairy products like cheese, paneer and curd strengthen teeth and reduce decay.

Rinse your mouth immediately after eating dark-coloured items such as chocolate or anything. However, sugar-free gum is the best option to reduce stains as you consume it just after your meal.

Use Straws

Use straws for stained colour drinks such as juice, as they will go directly into the throat, reducing the chances of teeth staining. The straws are a key advantage as the liquid will not pass through the teeth.


Flossing is a great idea that helps to keep your teeth whitening. Floss once a day and ensure no food particles are left over in your teeth. If left in the worst condition, there are chances of building plaque.

Use Whitening Toothpaste

Various whitening toothpaste is placed on n the shelves of medical stores and supermarkets. If you are confused about purchasing one, consult your dentist. You should brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste once or twice a week.

Rinsing is important after having the treatment of teeth whitening. Make a habit of rinsing your mouth after eating anything, which includes drinks and candies. Always carry a small antiseptic bottle of mouthwash with you, as whenever you eat something outside, take out the bottle and rinse your mouth instantly to eliminate leftover food particles.

Don’t Consume Excessive Hot and Cold Meals 

You might get affected by tooth sensitivity for a few days after the teeth cleaning treatment. So, this is why don’t consume excessive hot and cold meals within 48 hours of treatment. You can also use tooth-sensitive toothpaste that will help you to stay away from discomfort. If you face any problems like excessive pain and sensitivity, avail the facility of Atlanta emergency dentist.


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