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What Are The Benefits Of Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is a procedure that involves treating different dental conditions. It is a personalized treatment plan an individual may need if they have problems related to teeth, jaw, and gums. It requires an investment of time to have your Dental Reconstruction.

Whether you suffer from oral health issues, missing teeth, gum problems, or bone atrophy, it’s time that you need a full mouth restoration to restore your smile and overall health. Teeth or gum problems do not allow you to eat and drink your fav foods, and you have to live with the pain and discomfort of poor oral health.

Visit a dentist and talk about the procedure of full mouth reconstruction so that you feel safe, secure, and ready to go through the procedure. Full Mouth Restoration plans are created according to each patient’s need because everyone has unique dental problems.

What Are The Benefits of Full Mouth Restoration?

● Replace Missing Teeth

Missing tooth problems can be solved with a full mouth restoration. People often feel ashamed and embarrassed about their looks, especially when going for jobs or public activities. Therefore, you may experience other oral issues if you do not treat it; a full mouth restoration can help restore your missing teeth issues.

● Stop Jawbone Breakdown

When your jaw bone deteriorates, your tooth roots may die if they do not get enough nutrients, and lack of nutrition causes the jawbones to break down. Calcium and phosphorus in the bone are connected to other body parts. With the help of jawbone degeneration, you can fix the shape of your face and your ability to talk.

● Relieve Pressure on Jaw Joints

When you have missing teeth or wear down, the position of your upper and lower teeth can become unbalanced. When this happens, it is called malocclusion. In this case, the jaw joints may become stressed. As a result, you may experience head, neck, and face pain. Full mouth reconstruction can correct this problem to relieve jaw joints and surrounding tissues.

How full-mouth restoration does fix oral health issues?

Every full-mouth reconstruction treatment plan depends on the patient’s need and is designed uniquely for every patient. The procedures that dentists use for full-mouth reconstruction fall into the following categories:

  • Dentists use dental fillings and crowns as dental restorations to restore teeth.
  • Periodontal scaling and root planing treatment to prevent and treat gum disease.
  • Using orthodontics to fix bite issues, like crowded teeth, uneven teeth or open bite, and underbite issues.
  • Treating jaw abnormalities with the right jaw surgery.

The full mouth restoration is also called the Smile Makeover process. Full mouth restoration addresses a person’s dental needs and then makes a plan. Full Mouth Reconstruction Costs can vary from person to person as per their dental needs.

In Conclusion:

Your dentist will create a plan to make the teeth Reconstruction. Whatever dental problems you have, a full mouth restoration will help you solve all your teeth, gums and jaw problems.

You should talk to a professional dentist who can solve all your dental issues. Visit a dentist and discuss your oral health problems. Book an appointment now with Sunny Isles Dental.


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