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What Are The Best Treatment Options Available To Treat The Spider Vein?

Are you someone suffering from spider veins?

Visiting a vein specialist must have taken you here. 30% of the population across the world is suffering from spider veins and varicose veins.

Many people only know about the vein disorder once they visit a dermatologist. If you have spider veins, you are aware of the web-like appearance on your legs’ thighs, and calves.

While the definite cause of spider veins is unknown, genetics is commonly the problem. A sedentary lifestyle, hormones, and weight gain greatly influence this web-like structure in your legs. Luckily, there is a quick and effective treatment option for permanently eradicating your veins. To know more about the spider vein’s treatment options and What Type of Doctor Treats Varicose Veins so continue reading it.

What shape do the spider veins take?

These veins resemble a spider web and are most typically observed in red wine, purple, green, or navy blue hues.

Varicose and spider veins are the outcomes of vascular damage. They develop due to damage to the veins’ tiny, one-way valves. These valves direct blood in healthy veins back toward our hearts. When these valves become undersized effective, some blood flows backward and collects in the vein, pressing on the walls.

Under persistent pressure, the veins’ walls deteriorate and bulge. A varicose or spider vein will develop over time. The most frequent cause of this is people spending too much time sitting or standing still. Women are more conceivable than men to develop these veins, and they often do so during pregnancy or as they get older.

What are the symptoms of the spider vein?

  • Swelling in legs
  • Throbbing and burning sensation in legs
  • Aching in legs
  • Itching in legs
  • Heaviness in legs
  • Cramping of the legs

What are the distinguishable types of treatment available for treating the spider vein?

  • The use of compaction stockings or compression socks will make the veins and legs feel more relaxed. There are multiple types of stockings:
  1. Support pantyhose: Although they are widely accessible, they only offer little pressure.
  2. Gradient compression socks and stockings: These areas of the foot, ankles, and calves are subjected to medium pressure.
  • A medical practitioner can fete small spider veins near the skin’s texture with a laser. The spider vein clots and dries up due to the laser’s intense, tightly full-bodied light beam. Because no injection is involved, laser treatments are less intrusive than sclerotherapy and closure techniques.
  • An annoyance is insinuated right into the afflicted vein during sclerotherapy. The veins stay jointly due to discomfort and prevent blood from entering the area. The closure system treatment includes injecting a chemical into the harmed veins, much to sclerotherapy.
  • A more recent technique dubbed EVLT is used to treat tiny varicose veins and spider veins. A medical expert inserts a laser fiber after a minor incision in the afflicted vein. It can take a few months or a year for the vein to go. The procedure for EVLT uses local anesthesia.


We hope you liked this article and understood What are the Treatment Options for Varicose Veins. If you want to get treatment for your varicose veins, visit a nearby doctor for a recommendation from your vein doctor.


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