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What Are The Major Side Effects Of Bite Turbo?

Bite turbo is a tiny triangular device used to correct your bite issues by placing your teeth in the proper position. It is attached to the back of your teeth, preventing contact with an incorrect bite. They are used with the braces treatment to help treat the upper teeth from overlapping the bottom teeth. They are made of metal or a blue, red, or tooth-colored gel-like material that gets hardened on the teeth.

Bite turbos are placed according to the bite where you have; if you have a deep overbite (the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth), your dentist will put the bite turbos on the front teeth’ inner side or the back molars’. The turbo is a barrier that restricts the overlap between the lower and upper teeth. It is only used during treatment but gives excellent and permanent results. Once your teeth are aligned and do not overlap, there is no need for the bite turbos. Your dentist will remove the bite turbo. They also help prevent you from biting down on a lower bracket and breaking it.

Bite turbos might be unsettling, but they shouldn’t be painful. However, initially, you may require help speaking and chewing your meal.

Your orthodontist in north miami will recommend you place bite blocks as part of orthodontic treatment. Bite blocks can restore malocclusion if the patient is still in youth. They can also be used in addition to orthodontic treatment.

Bite turbos side effects:

While bite turbos do not cause many issues, the discomfort can be for a short period.

● Speech issues.

Bite turbos may need some time to get adjust to it. For some time, it may cause speech issues, and you may lisp while speaking, but that is temporary. You will soon get adjusted to it.

● Chewing problems

You may also need help chewing with bite blocks, as their motive is to allow only some of your teeth to come together. You can cut down your food into small pieces and then put the food at the back of your mouth to chew correctly.

● Soreness and discomfort

You may feel a little discomfort and soreness at first. Usually, dental treatment often causes some soreness and discomfort at first so are the bite blocks. This will last only for a few days. Your mouth may become dry and sore, but soon this will improve with time.

Over-the-counter can ease discomfort; contact your orthodontist aventura fl immediately if the pain is severe.

● Lost or Worn Blocks

Bite blocks may deteriorate, fall off, or become brittle over time, and this can risk harming your teeth and braces. If your bite blocks aren’t entirely functional, contact your orthodontist immediately, and your dentist will replace the bite block.

In Conclusion:

In the braces treatment, bite blocks are temporary devices that straighten your teeth and jaw. They function by slowly separating your upper and lower teeth, which helps align your bite and shorten the length of treatment. If a bite block is broken or falls off, consult your affordable orthodontist near me for replacement and assistance.


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