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What Are The Requirements for Taking a PCD Pharma Franchise?

Are you also a newborn entrepreneur who is wanting and urging to do something great. Then this blog will help you in answering all your questions that are popping up in your mind.

The Pharmaceuticals industry is gaining rapid growth with consumer and healthcare awareness. In India, the pharmaceutical industry is a sector that is the least affected by the Good and Sales Tax (GST).  Therefore it is the best one to establish a good business. There are many retailers who want to start their own drug business or franchise. If you are one of them, gather all the required information regarding how to do it.  They execute their idea by contacting a PCD pharmaceutical company to get a PCD pharma franchise.

What are PCD pharmaceutical companies?

PCD (Propaganda Cum Distribution) produces medicinal items. Such organizations sign up distributors to promote and market their products. They supply remedial medications at net costs to the retailers and distributors who have monopoly rights for a specific region in order to showcase the organization’s products. It tends to be an individual or an entire drug establishment organization that plays out the advertising part for the maker firm.

Want to start a PCD pharma franchise in India? What are the basic requirements to start a PCD business in India? These are two important questions to be answered before starting a pharma franchise company. The industry deals with all types of medicines, drugs, and products that are highly popular and good in demand round the clock. Additionally, the Indian pharmaceutical industry contributes about 5% of the GDP of the country which is a good share.

Requirements for taking a PCD pharmaceutical Franchise In India:

  1. Eligibility and Experience:

Every industry requires expertise and an experienced mind. PCD format allows a business venture to flourish who do not comprise many qualifications but are determined to achieve their sales target. It is a fact that a business is successful if it shows annual profits that exceed losses. The pharmaceutical company aims at two things;

  • Minimum three to four years experience in sales and marketing especially in pharma products.
  • PCD companies may not ask for the qualification but may ask if you have passed 12th or SSC from a recognized board.
  1. Registration Document attached For PCD Pharma Franchise:

The pharmaceutical industry is a part of the healthcare sector that manufactures drugs and medications to improve people’s lives in many ways. Therefore, it is compulsory to get various licenses and registrations in order to accomplish a PCD franchise business from any pharma company. Documents required to submit to the company are given below:

  • Drug License Number:
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)

You should also be aware of GST (Good and Sales tax) as it will make changes to tax which will influence your business.

  1. Investment Claims to Be Fulfilled By You:

Investment is critical and the ordinary stream is considerably more significant. The base prerequisite to achieving a PCD establishment fluctuates from one organization to another. You might begin with a simple Rs 10, 000 to the extent of 3 to 4 lakhs. PCD is a smaller than usual type of pharma establishment that offers a little bunch of drugs and medications whether it is related to drama, gastro, neuro, cardiac, and much more. In this manner, investment is low and can be inexpensively presented by various organizations across India. It is as yet a consultant to have essentially 1lakh as start-up cash to cover off the bills until the business gets smooth.

Suggestions To Discover the Best Pharma Franchise Company for PCD:

When you have the experience, documents, and money, you still need a good pharma company to go further. Here are some meaningful suggestions regarding choosing a good PCD Company for the PCD franchise business:

  • Browse information about different PCD companies deeply.
  • Acquire knowledge about their offerings and benefits such as marketing inputs, gifts, etc.
  • Are they offering ownership rights or not? Monopoly or ownership helps a business to rule over an allotted zone with sales under its control.
  • Make sure the company is offering quality assurance and quality control measurements.
  • Do they stock all the products?

A good PCD Company will be able to complete the demands of the medicines that you require for your business.


PCD pharma business is a decent method of acquiring an attractive benefit. Remember your lease, power, work, and so forth cost which region prerequisite of each business. Consider only a reputed GMP, WHO and ISO certified Pharma Franchise Company in India which offers a wide scope of meds and pharma drugs across India at real rates. So in case you are wishing to get a PCD Pharma Franchise, get your hands together with the best PCD franchise company.


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