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What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Do you experience sudden pain in the gums? Is the pain of creating a hindrance in your routine? You must then be suffering the issue of wisdom tooth. People suffering from the problem of wisdom tooth visit an emergency dentist near me to find a cure for the pain. Orthodontists near me state that an increase in the pain requires medical attention, but minor illnesses can be easily treated with home remedies. Experts at the dentist’s office near me state that not many people are aware of wisdom teeth. If you also suffer from the issue of wisdom tooth, then this post is meant for you.

Why does one get wisdom teeth?

Wisdom tooth pain occurs when the ages 17 and 21 when the young adults begin to develop their third set of molars. The molars are known as wisdom teeth. The wisdom tooth is a flatter kind of teeth that help in grinding the food down. The molars are located at the back of the mouth. The adults get three sets of molars on the top and bottom and both sides of the mouth. From infancy to early adolescence, humans tend to get their first set of teeth, lose them, and a whole new set appears again. Then in the early stages of adulthood, one tends to get the final teeth, which are wisdom teeth.

How frequently does one get wisdom tooth?

An individual has 32 permanent teeth in which a set of 20 teeth erupts and falls when one is a baby. The first set of molars is visible at the age of 6, and the second set is visible at the age of 12 while the final game emerges at the age of 21. Studies have found that 53% of people tend to get wisdom teeth in their lifetime. Sometimes the wisdom tooth due to the lack of spacing in the gums does not erupt.
The impacted wisdom teeth tend to cause swelling of the gums, and if not treated, they can create a hindrance in the daily activities.

Why are wisdom teeth removed?

When the jaws fail to accommodate the wisdom teeth, then the gums become swelled up. The human jaws stop growing by the time a person reaches 18 years. However, the wisdom teeth emerge when a person reaches the age of 19 and 20. The wisdom tooth creates a problem when the jaw size is too small. The small size of the jaw might also cause cracked wisdom teeth to grow. This is not the sole problem associated with wisdom teeth; there are several other problems as well, which as a follows:

• Crooked wisdom teeth
• Crowded wisdom teeth
• Sideways grown wisdom teeth
• Ingrown wisdom tooth
• Infected wisdom tooth

The people who get their wisdom tooth removed at a younger age tend to heal better from surgery before the roots and bones have fully formed. Do people often ask the dentist about how long does it take for wisdom teeth to heal? Wisdom tooth generally takes two weeks to heal, while those who go for surgery get it repaired within a few days.

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