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Can Dental Implants Replace All Teeth?

A dental implant can replace all teeth, which may help a complete set or a bridge of dentures. There are various advantages and benefits to selecting a dental implant. Dental implant surgery is prepared and performed, which mainly depends upon the kinds of implants and the situation of the patient’s jawbone.

Dental implant treatment is a process that alternates tooth roots along with metal, screwlike replacements, and plants missing or damaged teeth and tooth infection with artificial and duplicate teeth that works much similarly to the original ones. Dental implant treatment may provide a welcome change to bridgework or dentures that does not fit well and can give a chance when missing original teeth root does not permit creating bridgework or dentures tooth replacements.

Why is dental implant surgery to be done?

Dental implants are treatments located in the patient’s jawbone treated by the dentist open near me. They serve the missing teeth’ roots. It is because the titanium contained in the dental implants puts together your jawbone so the implants will not slip and make any noise. It will not cause injury the way dentures and bridges may fix. And the items cannot decay on the patient’s teeth that support regular denture may.

Generally, dental implants surgeries can be appropriate if the patient:

  • Want to enhance speech
  • Is unwilling or unable to wear dentures
  • Does not have health situations that will impact bone healing
  • Does not consume tobacco
  • Has healthy dental tissues
  • Has appropriate bone to protect the implants or can have a grafting bone
  • Has a jawbone that is reached total growth
  • Has missing teeth

Why are dental implants advantageous?

There are many advantages to dental implants. It includes:

Enhanced Appearance

Dental implants feel and look similar to own teeth. It is because dental implants are created and designed to merge with bone and become indefinite.

Enhanced Speech

The teeth may slip into the mouth by poor-fitting dentures, occurring you to speak unclearly or misarticulate your wordings. Dental Implants Houston permits you to talk without hesitation that teeth may skid.

Enhanced Comfortable

Dental implants increase comfort and become a part of your life. Dental implants prevent the dis-comfortability of extractable dentures.

Easier Eating

Sliping dentures may make eating challenging. Dental implants work similarly to natural teeth, permitting you to chew and swallow your most-liked food without pain and confidently.

Enhanced Self-confidence

Dental implants can restore your smile and support you feel good about yourself.

Enhanced Oral Health

Dental implants do not need to reduce other teeth, as a teeth-supporting bridge does. Surrounding teeth are not changed to help the implant, enhancing oral health in the long term. Single implants also permit more accessible access to teeth, improving dental hygiene.


Implants are very fragile and permanent for many years. However, many dental implants last a lifetime with good care.


Extractable dentures are just extractable. Dental implants terminate the shaming difficulty of changing dentures and the requirement for sticky glues to remain in location.


Dental implant treatment may include various processes. The primary importance of implants is solid basement support given to your new teeth. The procedure needs the bone to recover tightly surroundings the implant. Because this bone recovery needs some time, the method may consume many months. To know about the dental implant cost, you must visit cosmetic dentistry.


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