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Can Infection in a Tooth Cause Death?

A tooth infection may happen when bacteria interact with the soft or nerve tissue of the tooth, called the pulp. This can occur because of tooth decay, chipped tooth, injury, or previous dental treatment. While rare, a tooth infection can kill you. If untreated, an infection may spread to other body parts within weeks or months, leading to life-threatening complications. If you find any such dental issue, you can visit your dentist for Dental Abscesses Treatment.

Can a tooth infection kill you?

A tooth infection may occur when bacteria react with your tooth’s core, which contains a soft pulp. As the infection responds, a pocket of pus starts building around the tooth. This is known as an abscess.

Due to advancements in medicine and dentistry, deaths from tooth infection and disease are infrequent. However, it is essential to seek your Emergency Dentist Near Me for any dental issues.

When left untreated, a tooth infection may spread to other areas of the body, such as the neck and brain, leading to severe and potentially life-threatening complications, including sepsis, cavernous sinus thrombosis, and many more.

How much time did it take a tooth infection to cause death?

The amount of time tooth infection takes to cause death may vary from person to person. And here are a few factors as follows:

Development of abscess

From tooth decay to abscesses, it takes several months for development because tooth decay takes a while to reach the core of the teeth and damages the pulp. But, any injury or trauma to a tooth may allow the bacteria and fasten the process. Suppose you feel any development of cavities or holes in your tooth enamel. In that case, you should immediately visit your Dentist 77079 for Tooth Infection Treatment.

After the development of an abscess

The abscess Once forms, you typically start experiencing swelling intermittently and unbearable pain around the diseased tooth. This may be a warning sign that something is wrong with your mouth, and you’ll probably have pain in your tooth or gumline. Severe illness or death from tooth infections are persistent toothaches that may go on for weeks or months before seeing a dentist.

In many cases, tooth problems were treated with antibiotics. However, antibodies alone are not typically as effective for treating a dental abscess. Dentist 77433 treats tooth decay either with tooth extraction or with root canal treatment (RCT); the tooth is savable. If left untreated, a dental abscess for weeks or months may spread to the neck, head, and many more. Due to this, some serious problems may arise, like swallowing, difficulty during breathing, and an inability to rotate your mouth. At this time, if you don’t visit your dentist, death may occur in some months.

What are the complications from an abscess?

Several risk factors potentially increase your chances of having severity and complications from a dental abscess, including:

  • Older ages and having diabetes
  • Being immunocompromised, your immune systems stop working correctly in this type of complication, so your tooth may get infected easily.

Suppose you are Experiencing malnourishment due to less intake of nutrients and vitamins. In that case, your body tissues are weak and more susceptible to infection or dental diseases.


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