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Can We Wear Braces Only On The Bottom Teeth?

It is fine to wear braces just for your bottom teeth if the upper set of teeth are relatively straight and don’t need further straightening or treatment. Bottom teeth braces correct your lower bite and give you a healthy and straight smile. There’s a lot more to the braces than just improving facial aesthetics. While some people can have crooked teeth and fine bites that braces can quickly fix, twisted and crowded teeth can generally do affect the bite. You can have an issue with your bite without even realizing it.

The main purpose of bottom braces or braces, in general, is not only to make sure they appear straight but also to ensure that they fit and work well together. It is possible to get braces just on your lower teeth, only after consulting with your orthodontist and making sure that it won’t affect your oral health in any way. Talk with the children’s orthodontist near me if your child needs bottom braces or other orthodontic help.

Can braces affect or change the shape of your face?

To a certain extent, yes. There’s a possibility of your face changing a little because of the way your body reacts to the braces. Especially if the wearer is young or a teenager. The brackets, wire, and bands of the braces gently put constant pressure on your teeth. Your body reacts to it by producing bone-destroying or bone-growing cells that start to remodel or reshape the bone and your face. You can take a selfie to see the changes in your face braces before after.

How exactly does braces treatment work?

Braces are the dental tool used by dentists and orthodontists to correct the issues with your teeth and jaw. It helps in treating crowded teeth, crooked or misaligned teeth. Usually, people get braces in their childhood but it’s fine to get them in your adulthood too. Braces slowly align your teeth to give a straight and healthy bite and smile. Braces are made up of small brackets, wires, and bands. Many people ask what do rubber bands do for braces.  increases the force applied to certain areas of your mouth to properly align your teeth.  Which is usually the trickiest part of the whole treatment process.

Bands help in aligning your bite and they’re an important part of the fixing phase of orthodontic treatment. Does dental insurance cover braces, no it’s not necessary but some insurance companies can cover the treatment cost to some extent only if it is medically needed.

What food should we avoid with braces?

There are certain FOODS TO AVOID WITH BRACES such as-

  • Crunchy foods- like popcorn, ice, chips
  • Chewy food like – licorice, bagels
  • Sticky food such as –  chewing gum, caramel candies.
  • Hard foods like- hard candies and nuts
  • Food that requires biting into it like- corn on the cob, carrots, and apples
  • Food that could stain your teeth and braces like coffee and soda


From the above information, we got to know about braces, braces for the bottom teeth, facial changes due to braces, how braces exactly work, and the food to avoid with braces. For further information regarding braces please contact


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