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Do You Need Braces For Your Overbite?

Several dental situations are cured with orthodontic care, and one of the most usual is an overbite. If you and your child have an overbite, then you are searching for the options to correct it. There are different types of treatments that are suggested by the top-rated orthodontists near me. The treatment type depends on the intensity of an overbite, as well as the factors responsible for it, and includes the following causes. On the other hand, braces and aligners are a common solution for enhancing overbite.

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What Is An Overbite?

An overbite is a vertical plane that overlaps between the top and bottom teeth. A small overbite is vital for a proper bite, which should not overlap too far. In this, the upper teeth should close over and in front of the lower teeth. The overlap is more than 2-3 mm is deemed an extreme overbite and would be cured by a licensed experienced kids orthodontist near me.

What Are The Causes Of Overbite?

A variety of reasons are there for the cause of overbite-

  1. External factors (thumb sucking, nail-biting, etc.)
  2. Genetics
  3. Overcrowding of teeth

Whatever the reason may be of an overbite, these all are common dental situations. Looking for an orthodontist with experience is the key to getting positive results from fixing an overbite. If your teeth are in good hands with an experienced and certified orthodontist who is an expert in an overbite before and after treatment.

How Braces Can Correct an Overbite?

The effective orthodontic treatment for correcting an overbite is the braces. When the dentists assess the bite, they use X-rays to decide the kind of overbite you have and the relationship between your teeth and jaw. The dental specialists would bond the braces over the top and bottom arches of the teeth. The archwires are used to straighten the teeth and the alignment.

In the second phase, the specialist uses a tiny rubber band to gradually shift the jawline into a straighter position. Then they fit the bands on the brackets from the front to back or from top to bottom to shift the jaw and teeth. Further, one may eliminate the bands before you eat, drink and brush your teeth and then replace them. It is essential to wear the bands at all times as they would create a constant force to help the aligners in your smile.

Now finally, when the overbite braces are extracted, you will get a retainer to maintain your teeth in a position.

How Long Does it Take to Correct an Overbite With Braces?

Each situation is different, so it is hard to determine a specific time of your overbite to fix your braces. The deep overbite will generally take a long time to heal. And in several cases, it will take at least two years for the overbite to get cured with braces.


The dental condition overbite is a common problem that starts from moderate to severe. The traditional braces are the most usual treatment for this situation. The normal overbite is fixed by the aligners like Invisalign braces. Further, the patients may also see the pictures of overbite before and after braces by visiting our website!


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