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How Does Palate Expander Work?

Orthodontists are medical surgeons who are specialized in diagnosing, preventing, treating teeth and jaw irregularities. Orthodontics treats people of all age groups from children to senior citizens. They perform diagnostic tests to determine the condition of a patient’s teeth and develop treatment plans for patients by studying the patient’s records. Educating patients about the ongoing orthodontic care and explaining proper oral hygiene methods for maintaining good oral health. The dentist orthodontist prepares the mouths for braces, retainers, and install braces.

What is the use of a palate expander?

Palate expander are the oral tools used to treat several common dental disorders. It is also called a dental expander or mouth expander.  palate expanders are used to slowly expand the mouth to correct crossbites and widen the upper jaw, these are normally used on pre-adolescent children. Palate expanders have two valves that are linked to the top back molars on both sides of the jaw. A palate expander for adults does not work as well for adults as it does for children and adolescents.

What are the Benefits of Expander braces?

Early orthodontic treatment like an ortho expander can be a big decision but it is good to treat the problem as early as possible.  If your child is suffering from severe crowding, a crossbite, or impacted teeth then you should consult the orthodontist for the treatment.  The expander for braces is an appliance that widens your child’s jaw and palates. Here are some benefits of expander braces.

  • Shorten the time your child will need to have braces on
  • Creates room for arising adult teeth
  • Reduce the need for tooth removal
  • Improves the child’s breathing
  • Expander teeth Improve chewing and eating
  • Provides straightener teeth and aligned jaw

Are dental expanders painful?

Dental expanders do not hurt while you are wearing them. Fixing them won’t hurt either but you might experience a slight sensation of pressure or a tingling feeling. Some patients might experience difficulty in swallowing or speaking for the first few days of treatment. It might take one week to adjust to an expander. Your child might feel a little pressure on the molar teeth and the roof of the mouth.

What is orthodontic headgear used for?

Orthodontic headgear is a tool used by orthodontists to support proper jaw alignment and growth and to correct bites.,headgear is worn partially outside of the mouth unlike braces. The orthodontist may recommend this headgear to your child if the bite is severely out of alignment. The headgear is also used to correct tooth overcrowding. A headgear has several parts based on the type of the headgear and the condition that needs to be corrected.

  • The head cap
  • Braces
  • The fitting straps
  • Elastic bands, hooks, and tubes
  • Facebow
  • Chin up, forehead pack, and mouth yoke


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