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What Happens If You Don’t Get An Implant After Tooth Extraction?

If your tooth is missing and you did not place a dental implant in it, teeth that are nearby the missing tooth will shift towards the gap if you do not fill the gap, or you might suffer bone loss and need other procedures like a bone graft or sinus lift to correct the teeth.

Delaying in getting a dental implant can risk other dental problems, pain, and swelling. People mostly avoid this treatment because of fear of the surgery or because the treatment costs are expensive.

Nowadays, new techniques are invented to cure dental issues. Visit the dental office Houston tx for Cure the problems before they cant be treated by the dentist, and not being treated on time worsens the situation and causes severe issues.

What happens when Delaying Tooth Extraction?

Often, when people delay getting tooth extraction, the risk of infection increases and cause other teeth damage too. Tooth extraction delay can lead the infection to reach the tissues and bloodstream. If you visit your dentist on time, the condition can be controlled from spreading.

What are the steps of Dental Implants in Houston?

The steps of getting a complete arch implant or a single dental implant, so you can be familiar with the steps if you go through a Dental Implant Procedure:

1– The Consultation with your dentist:

The first thing to get is the best dentist near me who has an experience in dental implants and consults the dentist about your dental problem. After consultation, your doctor will take a CT scan of your mouth, and your doctor will assemble a personalized treatment plan according to your needs based on the CT scan.

2– The Pre-Procedure Exam:

Once you get ready to proceed with your dental implant procedure, you will see your prosthodontist for a prosthodontic exam. This appointment will help you answer all the remaining questions you have in your mind, and your dentist will examine and gather other information to start the procedure. Once your exam finishes, your doctor will schedule the date and time of your procedure.

3 – The Dental Implant Procedure:

Generally, the process takes 1 to 2 hours to place the implant and gives your bright smile back. Your doctor will place the implant that looks like the original natural teeth. You will be given temporary crowns or bridges supported by the implants. Your mouth will heal soon, and you will get used to it with time. For some time, you will experience soreness and pain in your mouth.

Step 4 – The Post-Procedure Checkups:

Not the last, but the second final step is the healing period of your dental implant procedure.

After your doctor places the dental implant, you can go home but return for routine checkups so that the doctor can monitor the recovery process. You need to avoid food that is sticky and hard to eat and some dental care to keep the dental implants healthy.

Step 5 – The Permanent Teeth:

The last final step! When your mouth finishes healing, your new dental implants are fixed to their position. Your dentist can replace your temporary crown or arch with a new permanent prosthesis. Having permanent implants will bring you a beautiful and natural smile, and you can eat your favorite foods you couldn’t eat before.

Conclusion :

Placing Dental implants is not always necessary, but putting them on a missing tooth can be a good option. Implants allow you to eat food you love, support artificial teeth (crowns), and keep your mouth healthy. Go to Dental Implant Specialist Near Me and consult to make the correct decision.


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