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What Is The Primary Cause of An Underbite?

Your teeth can significantly impact your general health and well-being. Having a row of straight, white teeth might also increase your confidence and sense of worth. However, straight teeth do not always grow. Straight teeth can be achieved with effort and patience. Your teeth might not be the only thing that needs to be straightened in some situations. ‌

Another factor to consider is how your jaw is positioned. There are two parts to your jaw: the upper and lower. When the lower portion of your jaw protrudes more than the top, you have an underbite. It may cause discomfort and lead to other health issues, such as difficulty chewing and digestion. Underbite is a common problem that makes people feel insecure and gives their mouth and face a bulldog-like appearance. Severe underbite situations might result in the lower teeth extending far forward. There are milder, almost undetectable cases. Many reasons cause an underbite; through this article, you can read and discover how to fix it. To acknowledge more about the same, continue reading it.

How does the Underbite affect your health?

Disorder of the Temporomandibular Joint (TMD): Your temporomandibular joint may become problematic if you have an underbite. This hinge serves as the link between your jaw and skull. It may be stuck in place if you have TMD. Try moving it; you could hear a popping sound. It might hurt to do this.

Halitosis is chronic foul breath: An underbite can cause a bacterial infection in the mouth, which can lead to bad breath.

Breathing through the mouth: Underbite can also result in mouth breathing and heavy snoring.

Apnea during sleep: The disorder known as sleep apnea causes breathing to cease intermittently during the night. This illness interferes with your sleep. This implies that it can make you feel exhausted during the day. So, getting braces for underbite can help you treat that condition quickly.

Reasons for Underbite Braces

  • Thumb sucking as a kid can affect the underbite of the child when the new and permanent teeth come. Sometimes, pushing on teeth with the tongue can also make your teeth look out more than usual.
  • This can also be genetic. If someone close to the family has this problem, then there is a chance that you will also have it. The size and shape of the jaw will mostly depend on your parents, such as what type of teeth they have.
  • Your jaw may fracture due to trauma or injury. Though they might not always be effective, there are therapies to aid in the healing process. Uneven healing of your jaw can result in an underbite. By getting cute braces colors, you can make the underbite treatment more accessible and fun.
  • An incorrect bite might result from tumors in your jaw or mouth.

In conclusion,

This article mentions all the major factors that cause underbite. It is necessary to treat it at the right time. When you treat the underbite on time, there is a chance that you can get the best teeth alignment. The right tooth alignment can remove all the challenges your teeth might face. So, go for timely checkups today by contacting an adult orthodontist near me.


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