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What should I expect after a composite filling?

If you found a cavity or initial decay inside your teeth, your dentist will probably suggest a Tooth Filling Houston as soon as possible to save your mouth from infections. Dental labs and technicians use Various materials for dental restorations, but amalgamation and composite are the most commonly used type.

Amalgamation has been the most commonly used material for the past few years. Still, the composite filling has been overgrowing because of its combined looks and durability.

What are composite fillings?

Composite fillings have a more aesthetical appearance than other options. You can Tooth Colored Fillings to your teeth with teeth’ shade, so they are almost unnoticeable.

What is tooth-colored material?

It is a plastic resin mixture that strengthens with powdered glass. It is beneficial for a different variety of restoration. Sometimes dentists use this material to repair and restore parts of the chipped and knocked teeth.

Other filling materials

Amalgam (silver): Amalgamation is the most commonly used type of filling; it is durable and may last approximately 10-15 years. The amalgamation process is very even dentist does not have to worry about tooth cleaning and dry installation; it is a cost-effective procedure. But their popularity has shrunk in past years because they don’t give a fair look to patients.

Gold: Gold filling is one of the most expensive restoration procedures, but they are durable and can last more than 20 years, and they typically require just two visits.

Ceramic: Ceramic fillings absorb with a type of porcelain, which is also pretty long-lasting, with a 15-20 year period. But they are costly, and hence use is very rare.

Glass ionomer: Glass ionomer filling is a combination of glass fillers; they also give the tooth-colored option and can Be blended with the tooth’s color. They release fluoride, which reduces the chances of the new cavity. However, they are less durable and may not work on large cavities.

How long do Composite Dental Fillings last?

Composite dental fillings are durable but tend to have a short life span. According to reliable sources, they can long last, approximately seven years, but someone with a more extensive cavity has a higher risk.

Are composite fillings safe?

People might show concern about the safety of composite fillings because most of them possess the possibility of cytotoxicity in composite material or harm to cells of surrounding tissues.

If you wanted a darker color in your filling, the concern might be more relevant because a study suggested a result of darker color cases; using a light-curing unit is to harden the filling.


Composite resin is one of the most used and safest filler materials, but you need to ask your dentist about the material used in your composite filling. Dentist In Houston Near Me

Will make sure their Cavity Filling Houston is free from any toxic and potentially away from you from harmful chemicals.


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