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How Can Braces Fix An Overbite?

Since our cosmetic dentistry has been very advanced. It offers alternative options to traditional metal braces. Clear braces near me are one of them. They are manufactured from medical-grade plastics. Generally, they are removable sequential aligners that delicately move your teeth in the correct direction and position. The treatment system has been advanced from the time it was launched as you can notice huge developments in them. Get the solution using orthodontist Aventura fl to get a quick fix.  Sometimes people doubt, can braces fix an overbite? The answer lies in further discussions.

What Is An Overbite?

Overbite is also termed as “overjet” which means that when top teeth overlap bottom teeth widely.  Therefore an overbite is a very common bite problem that should be fixed by the orthodontist only. Your orthodontist may recommend orthodontic options Aventura to offer you appropriate results.

The Invisalign treatment mainly depends on the two factors that may include; The severity of the bite problem and the patients’ age. There are many ways to fix these issues, let’s discuss the most common methods orthodontics use when correcting the overbites for our patients.

  1. Fixing Overbites With Braces & Rubber Bands:

This method is quite appropriate for a mild overbite. When the patient’s top teeth stick out a bit compared to the lower teeth, it is a good example of a mild overbite. Your dentist may opt for a combination of Aventura braces and elastic bands to help bring your teeth back into a better alignment. When you connect a rubber band between the lower and upper teeth after some time the top teeth are pulled back and the bottom teeth can be pulled forward.

  1. Fixing Overbites With Braces and a Herbst Appliance:

The second type of overbite is perfectly fit for a moderate to severe overbite; it will produce more perfect results if the patient is a younger child. So, it will be great to fix large overbites at the age of eleven to twelve because this age is a child’s growth age and this growth will help a lot to fix the bite.  The orthodontist bonds the appliance onto teeth to make the patient’s lower jaw posing into a forward position. When the jaw shifts to the forward position for a longer period of time, the teeth start moving in this direction. The best part of this process is that with the growth of the child, their jaws also move into a more stable position as well.

This appliance is typically placed for around a year and then, the orthodontist places the braces on teeth. You can also compare before and after images to compare and determine the success rate of the procedure.

  1. Fixing Overbites With Braces and Forsus Springs:

This type of overbite is joint with moderate overbites for slightly older patients such as older teenagers and adults. The reason behind this can be that the patient’s jaw growth has been completed. When you are going to wear the following appliance, you have to compress the spring first and then push the bottom teeth forward and top teeth in the backward position. This appliance will function similar to elastics but the correction is quite expected to lead to more efficient corrections.


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