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How Tongue Crib Will Help From Tongue Thrusting?

An orthodontic tool with wiring that is placed inside your mouth and hangs on two rings is called a tongue crib. To prevent the crib from moving, these rings are attached to the back of your mouth. From pushing towards your front teeth, the crib prevents and corrects a condition called tongue thrusting.

What is tongue thrusting?

A reflex where you place your tongue incorrectly while swallowing is called tongue thrusting. Especially because you push your tongue against your front teeth. The kids who suck their thumbs have this condition generally and it may become permanent.

What are the causes of tongue thrusting?

Tongue thrusting may occur due to:
1. By using pacifiers or prolonged thumb sucking
2. Due to physiological and muscle abnormalities.
3. Due to the use of some artificial nipples to feed infants.
4. A large tongue
5. The angle of the jawline or hereditary factors.
6. Difficulty in swallowing due to conditions such as frequent sore throats, large adenoid, and tonsils.
7. Allergies and Nasal congestion that cause mouth breathing resulting in the tongue being very low.

How does a tongue crib work?

They push their tongue hard towards their front teeth when your child sucks their finger. The position of their developing teeth is altered by the force which affects the proper growth of the mouth and teeth alignment. The roof of the mouth is also altered and leaves your child with an open bite between the upper front teeth. Your child gets difficulty in speaking, chewing, and swallowing due to this gap and this condition take into adulthood if it’s not treated.

By preventing the thumb from reaching the roof of the mouth, a braces tongue crib immediately stops this behavior. With tongue sucking, your child no longer gets the gratification and stops the habit immediately. A tongue crib also closes the open bite gap, putting an end to front teeth protrusion, so your kid’s teeth align as they should.

How long do you wear a tongue crib?

The duration for patients who wear a tongue crib is usually around nine months. The tongue crib orthodontics gets bonded and fastened to your teeth and no one needs to wear it every day. Related to the same, a dentist or orthodontist can give you further details.

When should you get a tongue crib?

Children and adults can get tongue cribs from local dentists once the condition is diagnosed. Tongue trusting becomes a significant problem for children once they start growing their permanent teeth. Even after turning four years old if your child still sucks their thumb, visit your orthodontist office to determine if they need a tongue crib to correct the behavior and its effects.

Check with your orthodontist Surfside to see if you need a tongue crib if you’re an adult and can’t seem to get over the tongue-thrusting habit. When to get it if it’s needed, the dentist will also recommend it. Depending on the severity of tongue thrusting, a tongue crib will stay in place for six to 12 months.


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