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When Are Dental Implants Used?

If you have lost your teeth or a tooth in a happening, you may feel shy to smile or talk in public. It feels incomplete to smile without having teeth. But don’t worry; there are ways through which you can get that dazzling smile back. Dental implants houston are the one solution to help you with the missing teeth problem.

A dental implant is used in many procedures as it restores bone supports that have deteriorated due to periodontal disease in place of missing teeth. Therefore, dental implants are used when your tooth can’t be saved anymore through a root canal procedure. With dental implants, you can replace that missing tooth. Please talk with a dentist for dental implants near me and ask your queries.

Let’s see when dental implants are used.

People missing one or more teeth can use implants, especially the single-tooth variety. Emergency dentist open near me typically use for those who have lost teeth and want a more durable option for teeth repair than dentures or a dental bridge.

● Tooth Extraction:

If it hasn’t already, your decayed or dead tooth should be taken to make room for the dental implant post. Naturally, you can place an implant when a tooth is still present. On the other hand, endodontic therapy or a root canal procedure can save the tooth.

● New Tooth Root:

The implant post will act as your new tooth root for the crown affixed to or screwed into the stud once implant integration has occurred and the post has merged with your jaw bone. An abutment is necessary to sustain the connection between the crown and the implant.

● Dental Implant Bridge:

If the implant is only a single-tooth stud type, you can still use it to substitute a whole row of missing teeth by setting two studs on either end of the row to act as a sort of bridge (as opposed to extracting healthy teeth to act as anchors for a dental bridge). Your 24-hour dentist near me will tell you more about it.

● The Preferable Crown:

The cap or crown is preferred to a denture or a false set of teeth. But dental implant anchor resembles your natural tooth and even feels and functions like your teeth. Even though it is smaller, the abutment that joins the crown to the implant resembles a tooth.

● Restores Your Bite and Fills in Gaps:

Dental implants are dependable because they close the gap caused by the missing tooth. If you don’t fill the gaps and leave the space, your nearby teeth will gradually move in the missing space and imbalance your bite, thus changing your jaw shape and teeth alignment.

● Healthy Surrounding Teeth:

The natural teeth and tissues next to the tooth socket where the implant is to be placed must be in excellent condition and free of periodontitis or gingivitis (gum disease). The dental implant process won’t be successful if there is any problem.

● Prevents Facial Structure Degradation:

Dental implants are efficient in keeping your face structure, jawbone, and chin from changing. Also, the more missing teeth you don’t fill, the more chances of facial structure degradation. Your facial and jaw structure will begin to change as you grow.

In Conclusion:

Book an appointment with your affordable dentistry near me and get the dazzling smile you want. Dental implants are one promising solution that can help you.



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